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It’s all about Protecting Kids

21 Dec

Last week’s 30 Ways in 30 Days actions were all about the kids. Here’s what we did:

Buy a Pencil to Send a Child to School

It takes so little to send a child to school in the developing world. If you have a bit of cash to spare, consider donating $25 to Pencils of Promise to help educate a child for one year. I wrote about Pencils of Promise before, when I donated to them as part of my 30 Days of Giving project. When you give, you’ll get a symbolic black pencil that says, “This pencil educates one child.” Continue reading


You can Incorporate Giving into your Everyday Life

2 Mar

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Although sometimes it’s a chore to have to think about what and where to give every single day, for the most part this experiment has demonstrated to me how easy it is to give, in small ways, in our everyday life. To grab a few extra cans of food when you’re grocery shopping to drop in the food pantry box; to add that extra dollar to the animal shelter at the pet store check-out. When we’re not “saving ourselves up” for the big gives or volunteer days, it’s not that difficult to find easy ways to give on a regular basis, that make a big difference when added up. I encourage you to look for the little things you can do, easily, while you go about your daily work and errands. You might be surprised – and I promise that giving will make your day. Continue reading