You can Incorporate Giving into your Everyday Life

2 Mar

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Although sometimes it’s a chore to have to think about what and where to give every single day, for the most part this experiment has demonstrated to me how easy it is to give, in small ways, in our everyday life. To grab a few extra cans of food when you’re grocery shopping to drop in the food pantry box; to add that extra dollar to the animal shelter at the pet store check-out. When we’re not “saving ourselves up” for the big gives or volunteer days, it’s not that difficult to find easy ways to give on a regular basis, that make a big difference when added up. I encourage you to look for the little things you can do, easily, while you go about your daily work and errands. You might be surprised – and I promise that giving will make your day.

My latest gives:

Feb 26: Pencils of Promise – This new nonprofit comes with an amazing story. 24-year-old Adam was on a fast path toward a lucrative corporate America success story. This all changed when he was backpacking as a teenager in India and met a little boy begging on the streets. Adam asked him, “What do you want most in the world?” The boy’s reply: “A pencil.” When he gave the pencil, Adam watched as waves of possibility spread across the boy’s face. From that moment, and $25, Pencils of Promise has built more than 20 schools. As their website asked, I helped by spreading the word through the power of social media.

Feb 27: Emancipet – My fitness center, Body Business, held a “Zumbathon” featuring zumba all day long and a silent auction, all of which benefits Emancipet. I donated a copy of my Insiders’ Guide to Seattle, along with a copy of my friend Melissa Gaskill‘s book, Best Hikes with Dogs. Emancipet provides spay/neuter and wellness services, to try and stop pet homelessness and maltreatment before it begins. Thanks Melissa for participating, and local veterinarian Susan Culp for organizing the event!

Feb 28: WAG – On Monday I was in Wimberley, having a much-needed 24-hour, unplug relaxation period with my boyfriend. At one really cool store where I bought some all-natural laundry detergent and furniture cleaner, the proprietor had a jar out for donations to this animal adoption & rescue group. That’ll get me every time – in went a few bucks!

March 1: Save the Children Advocacy Day – Today was Advocacy Day for children in Washington DC, and Save the Children was asking people to support the movement for children’s rights by signing petitions and taking other action. I spent about half an hour online doing everything in their “toolbox” that I could.

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