It’s all about Protecting Kids

21 Dec

Last week’s 30 Ways in 30 Days actions were all about the kids. Here’s what we did:

Buy a Pencil to Send a Child to School

It takes so little to send a child to school in the developing world. If you have a bit of cash to spare, consider donating $25 to Pencils of Promise to help educate a child for one year. I wrote about Pencils of Promise before, when I donated to them as part of my 30 Days of Giving project. When you give, you’ll get a symbolic black pencil that says, “This pencil educates one child.”

Are Your Clothes Child-Labor-Free? Download This App to Find Out

Do you know where your favorite shirt, handbag or chocolate comes from? Are you sure child labor wasn’t used to make them?

I’ve written a lot about child labor, especially in conjunction with my book, The Weight of Silence. There are a lot of steps we can all take to make sure our products are made using child labor, which is one of the biggest threats to childhood there is. But very little could be easier than simply using a smart phone app when you shop, to check if a store or product is child-labor-free.

The Free2Work app grades companies on a scale of A to F based on their efforts to prevent and address forced and child labor. Download the free app and start scanning your barcodes today!

Donate Goods to a Local Salvation Army

Do you really need that sweater? You know the one I’m talking about. How about that extra set of dishes?

This holiday season, help a family get back on their feet. Click on the Take Action button and find a Salvation Army near you.

Test Your Hunger IQ and Give a Child a Warm Meal

For every person who takes World Food Programme’s short hunger quiz, a child will receive a warm meal.

Take this short quiz and challenge your friends!

Until next time,

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