Quality vs. Quantity

21 Jan

One of the big realizations from my 6 Items or Less experiment is the real importance of the whole “Quality vs. Quantity” thing. It’s much better to have fewer things of high quality, that you’ve invested more in, than a bunch of cheap mass-produced crap in your closet. Obviously, a major aspect of this type of experiment to begin with is the realization of how much we have that we don’t need – an overabundance when simplifying might be much better and happier. The over-consumption of stuff is something that we can all fall victim to, in one way or another.

Night out at the Broken Spoke in 2 of my 6 items; our "friend" with the hat could definitely use a style makeover though!

While six pieces of clothing might be pretty extreme (stay tuned for my next post about the backlash caused by such a wardrobe diet), certainly one thing that most Sixers seem to decide rather quickly is to prune their closets drastically. After all, most of us have lots of clothes – but still we find ourselves regularly wearing many of the same pieces over and over. When you’re wearing the same things so frequently, the aspect of quality and how it holds up becomes obvious and important. One shirt, my white one made of thin material, has a small hole in it where my ring snagged it; the rest of my items are holding up well.

It’s come to me, clearer than it ever has, how much better it is to spend money on fewer clothes, of higher quality; than tons of disposable clothing. Is it better to invest $80 in a well-made shirt of quality material, or have four cheap shirts? I’m becoming a huge convert in less is more, quality in those fewer items is better, and in the process fewer new items are manufactured as well.

On a different side note: One of the things that I wondered about – and several friends have mentioned – when I started this was the laundry issue. By simplifying, yes we are reducing our consumption. But won’t we be doing a lot more laundry, and with just a few items, with only 6 things to wear over and over? Won’t that be wasteful? Well I am happy to report that nearly two weeks in, I am not doing laundry any more than I had been. In fact much less! I just throw in one or two of my items when I wash towels, sheets, workout clothes, etc. No problem!

2 Responses to “Quality vs. Quantity”

  1. Jeanine February 2, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    Totally converted to the idea of “less is more” as long as the “less” is of good quality. I am leaning towards one $80 shirt to replace my four shirts of crap.


  2. Shelley Seale February 2, 2011 at 11:13 pm #

    Totally agreed!! Better to have one $80 item of quality than 5 $20 pieces that fall apart in a year….

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