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False Happiness (or, don’t believe American television)

15 May

“Happiness is not something ready made.
It comes from your own actions.” ~The Dalai Lama

The word “happy” is derived from the Icelandic word happ, which means luck or chance. True to its origins, many people seem to go through life waiting to stumble onto happiness, for it to find them, or to catch their lucky break. But rather than happiness being some mysterious thing that we have no control over, the reality is that we are usually about as happy as we make up our minds to be.

In my reading, practicing and asking other people about happiness, the converse also interested me: what doesn’t make us happy? I’m not talking about the everyday frustrations of life, and certainly not the true, huge tragedies that greatly affect us and which we can’t help but be sad or angry about at the time. I was more interested in finding out what we learn about happiness as we go through life – what we thought would make us happy that didn’t, and how we cultivate happiness as we journey and grow. Continue reading