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New 30-Day Project: The Month of Living on Discounts

16 Aug

Today I start my newest 30-Day experiment – using only coupons, Groupons and other discounts on everything I buy. I already take some good advantage of things like Groupons, but this 30-day period I will push it to the limit to see if I can live for an entire month doing only that with everything I buy. A guy named Josh Stevens lived off Groupon for a entire year, and blogged about it. Keep reading for more rules and guidelines that I’ve laid out for this challenge.

TED Talk: Try Something New for 30 Days

And if you want a little more insight into why I’m doing this year of 30-Day lifestyle experiments, check out this terrific video on TED. Is there something you’ve always meant to do, wanted to do, but just … haven’t? Matt Cutts suggests trying it for 30 days.

“It turns out, 30 days is just about the right about of time to add a habit, or subtract a habit, from your life.”

Matt hits on an aspect which has been major for me in this whole project: living in a very conscious way. Continue reading