Freedom, Volunteering and Gifts that Give Back

6 Dec

These are only a few of the actions I’ve taken over the last several days, as part of my newest 30 Day Challenge.

Take Part’s “30 Ways in 30 Days” asks people to commit to taking one simple action, every day for an entire month, that collectively have a bit impact on improving the world. Here are my most recent 30 Ways in 30 Days actions:

12/2: Like “We Day” to donate $1 to Free the Children

When you ‘Like’ We Day on Facebook, $1 will be donated to Free The Children—an organization that empowers youth to make a difference. By joining their community, you’ll be helping to raise $1 million dollars for education, health, alternative income, water and sanitation initiatives in the developing world.

Free The Children’s We Day is the largest event of its kind. It celebrates the power of young people to change the world and kicks off a year of youth-led, world-changing initiatives. Created by Free The Children to celebrate the power of young people to create positive change, We Day is a day-long event that ignites a year-long program for change, called We Schools in Action.

12/3: Spread the Word to End the R-word

You’ve probably heard the word retarded tossed around at some point in your life. Not only is the R-word offensive and derogatory, it also reinforces stereotypes associated with intellectual disabilities.

You can help stop people from using this word by spreading the word to end the R-word. Take the pledge – there are more than 200,00 so far!

12/4: Shop for Gifts that Give Back

It’s that time of year again…

Check out TakePart’s Gift Guides for the perfect gifts that give back. We’ve got guides for ladies and gents, Etsy fans, the foodies, and animal lovers.

My favorite is the Etsy Gift Guide – handmade, vintage and upcycled gifts that are all original, and give back to charity while helping the planet by re-using, not manufacturing. I love Etsy, and my daughter Chandler has her own Etsy photography store.

12/5: Pledge to Volunteer 5 Hours

How would the world change if we all volunteered five hours of our time in December? If you’re not sure how to find volunteer opportunities in your hometown, Starbucks and the HandsOn Network have a fabulous tool that can get you started.

Do you want to take part in 30 Ways in 30 Days? It’s not too late – start anytime!

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