The Importance of Family & My Biggest Fear

23 Oct
Day 26: “A picture of something that means a lot to you.”

My family. I am fortunate to have an extremely close, loving and supportive family. This photo was taken at Christmas 2008 – it doesn’t include the newest members of our family: Randy B, Peyton and Jude. But, this is one of the last family photos with all of us and my grandparents, E.F. and Shirley Smith, who are missed terribly by all of us.
Day 27: “A picture of yourself and a family member.”

I decided to share a photo with the newest member of my family, Jude. This precious little boy is my daughter’s baby; he is only three weeks old tomorrow, but already a stealer of hearts.
Day 28: “A picture of something you’re afraid of.”

Surgery. A hospital. The doctor’s office. Shots, blood samples, needles. Basically, by far my BIGGEST fear in life is any sort of pain or medical procedure. I’m a huge baby with a very low pain threshold – somehow in spite of the fact that I have multiple tattoos. Go figure.

One Response to “The Importance of Family & My Biggest Fear”

  1. Sandy Seale October 23, 2011 at 8:15 pm #

    Well you know that should you ever have to undergo any of those “scary” medical procedures your wonderful & supportive family (esp. your mommie) will be there to hold your hand & get you thru. As for what I’m afraid of…. its more of the fear of the unknown that I worry about….but then again that can be what makes life exhilarating 🙂

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