Adventure, Inspiration, and Someone I Can’t Imagine Life Without

10 Oct

The last three days of the photo challenge have been especially fun for me, because they have incorporated three elements of my life that are daily and intrinsic, things that are literally a part of me: love, adventure and inspiration. Posting photos of a person I can’t imagine my life without, something I want to do before I die, and a person I find particularly inspiring have been easy and rewarding photo challenges for me.

Day 14 – A picture of someone you could
never imagine your life without:

My sweetie, Keith. As corny as it sounds, we have both gone through a lot in our lives to find each other and be together. All who know me well know there could hardly be a more perfect partner for me. He has made my life richer and fuller in so many ways, we share the same love for travel and exploration, and he inspires me to be a better person.

Day 15 – A picture of something you want to do before you die:

The Rickshaw Run! I totally want to do this – teams race rickshaws, the smallest and least practical vehicle in Asia, and hurl themselves across several thousand kilometers to the finish line. There is one through India, but I think I’d like to do the new one in Southeast Asia (from Indonesia to Bangkok). And in case you know your geography, you know that these two places are separated by water. Yes, sometimes the rickshaws go on rafts or boats. It sounds like a bloody great time to me. Of course there are other things I want to do before I die: Machu Picchu, the Trans Siberian Railway and the Pyramids of Egypt – but I think this one sounds like a crazy adventure! Oh, and all the money goes to charity as well. Everything about this is me!

Day 16 – A picture of someone who inspires you:

There are many, but Nelson Mandela has to top the list. What kind of person can spend 27 years in prison for a noble cause, and not be bitter – but rather the opposite, still filled with peace and dedicated to furthering equality and justice? The first name he was born with, Rolihlahla, means “troublemaker.” I believe that all the great & necessary things in the world came about because of troublemakers. Mandela has to be one of the most admirable people of our lifetime.

Until next time…and as always, feel free to share your photos below, or tweet them to @shelleyseale with the hashtag #30DaysPhoto.

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