Who would I trade places with? Plus favorite memory & most treasured item

29 Sep

Greetings from Mexico! Tonight I write this post from the Riviera Maya, where I am staying at the beautiful Amarte Maroma on a press trip. My last three days of photos include:

Day 5 – A picture of your favorite memory:

With my baby Chandler, 1990

This certainly represents my favorite memory – holding my new little baby close and breathing in her sweet smell. Some of the best days of my life.

Day 6 – A picture of a person you’d love
to trade places with for a day:

Lisa Ling – I would love to do her job for a day (or more!). From sex trafficking to bogus faith healers to equal LGBT marriage rights…she gets to do a lot of awesome in-depth reporting. She has some cool shows such as “Our America,” the “Secret Society of Women” and an iVolunteer initiative.

Photo 7 – A picture of your most treasured item:

That would have to be my passport! This is a photo of my today: from 10:30 am at the Austin airport – passport in hand – to 5:30 pm in a hammock at my casita in Mexico. My passport has taken me to 32 countries on 5 continents, and is definitely my most treasured “thing.” It has brought me the world.

Stay tuned for my next three days worth of photos!

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