Closest person, favorite show and night moves

26 Sep

I’ve delved right into my 30 Day Photo Challenge. Here are my pics from days two through four:

Day 2 – A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest:

Me and my mom, circa 1967

That would have to be my mother – since before I was born! We were styling in this photo, circa 1967, and both sporting some incredibly hip hairdos.

Day 3 – A picture of the cast from your favorite show:

The Amazing Race

I don’t watch tons of TV, but I do like cooking & travel related shows. My favorite is The Amazing Race, where teams travel around the world competing in cool challenges. It would be fun to be in this race with Keith, maybe we should apply! And the new season started Sunday, September 25…the new race is on.

Day 4 – A picture of your night:

Les Petits Chanteurs

Les Petits Chanteurs (the Little Singers) is the renowned boys’ choir of the Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Music School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They have performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Lincoln Center in New York City, Tanglewood with the Boston Symphony, and more than 90 churches across the United States, and are returning to Austin for five concerts. I attended Sunday night’s concert at Cherrywood Coffee House, with my guy and several friends. The choir will be raising money so they can sustain their mission to the people of Haiti, and to focus attention on the rich musical tradition of the island.

The devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010, completely ruined the cathedral school complex and all the musical instruments inside that belong to the Holy Trinity Philharmonic Orchestra. Before the earthquake, Holy Trinity served 1,000 students. Holy Trinity is the only school of its kind in the country and depends on charitable support to sustain its mission of musical education for children and teenagers. They are playing several Austin shows, to raise financial donations and donated musical instruments—percussion, brass and strings (including guitars)—to help replace all of the damaged instruments at Holy Trinity School.

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