Taking Care of Business

2 Sep

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that require upkeep and maintenance, to help our daily routines flow smoothly. This week I had to attend to a few of those things, and was able to incorporate my discount project into it.

Loaner Bike Program at Eco-conscious Friendly's

My car needed to go in and see the doctor...poor thing needed an oil change and was having a problem with the AC (in this heat! Not good). I had purchased a Groupon for an eco-friendly oil change several months ago ($34 for a $75 oil change). Green Earth Oil is a biodegradable, recyclable, environmentally safe oil change, and I went to Friendly’s in East Austin to get it done. Savings: 55%. As an added bonus, Friendly’s checked my AC and rotated my tires for free, and they offer loaner bikes with a map of coffee houses and bike trails in the neighborhood. Since I only live two miles away, I just biked home and worked while they handled my car. (I also had to get my AC repaired at another place – no discount or coupon, I’ll admit. But with temperatures over 100 degrees, I had to get it done!)

There are also the little things like ink for the printer and supplies to keep the work life running smoothly. Hewlett Packard emailed me a 25% off coupon, so I ordered some replacement printer ink cartridges. Not very exciting, but I did save money.

I did get to have some fun this week, besides these boring and mundane errands! Through the Austin Chronicle Contest page, I won two free tickets to the sneak preview movie screening of The Debt, starring Helen Mirren. On Tuesday night, my guy and I went to see the film (which was very good, by the way – smart and suspenseful and very well-acted); and afterward, we went to Hyde Park Bar & Grill using a Groupon for a late bite. Savings: 50%. For future movie date nights, I also purchased a Buy With Me 4-pack of tickets from AMC Theatres – at a savings of 48%.

In other “fun stuff,” I purchased a 60 minute massage deal from Urban Dealights for $35, saving half off the original price of $70. And I enjoyed a nice lunch at La Patisserie, a lovely little French bakery in South Austin, courtesy of ScoutMob. I had a delicious salad made with local ingredients from HOPE Farmers Market, and picked up a couple of delectable macarons while I was there, all for half-price. I also met a couple of girlfriends for happy hour at Lucy’s Retired Surf Bar, where we enjoyed $3 margaritas and half off our food via ScoutMob.

See you soon – live well!

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