Back to Basics: School, Medical Care and Food

17 Feb

Over the past three days, my giving has centered around basic human needs – not by design, that just happened to be the gives I made.

Monday, Feb 14: I received a message from Horac Nepal, a home for children who have lost one or both parents and which I have supported in the past. The message was that the new school term in Nepal is about to begin, and the children at Horac are in desperate need of school supplies. I was happy to donate some money to go toward this for today’s give. On a completely random sidenote, I love their Volunteers page. Obviously they have had many volunteers from The Netherlands – but they go on to identify all other volunteers as “from the Finland,” “from the Canada” and so on. Cute!

Tuesday, Feb 15: My cousin Scott posted a link on Facebook, to Miles for Maddie. It’s a 5K and 1-mile “fun run” to raise money for the Maddie James Foundation. What struck me about this was that Maddie has been diagnosed with the same cancer that Luke Pollok, who I honored with my first give, succumbed to. Last month, five-year-old Madeleine James was diagnosed with an inoperable, malignant brain tumor called DIPG. The median overall survival of children diagnosed with DIPG is approximately nine months, with the 18-month survival rate being less than 10%. These statistics make it one of the most devastating pediatric malignancies. Maddie’s doctors have given her six months. Because of my relationship with Janet Pollok and her son Luke, I know what a struggle and fight lie ahead for this family and this sweet little girl. I made a donation to the foundation, and if I can be in the Dallas area for the May 14 run I’ll sign up for that, too.

Wednesday, Feb 16: I bought a bunch of extra groceries on my shopping trip today, and donated them to the food pantry at Manos de Cristo. This nonprofit is right in my neighborhood, and it runs a dental clinic, food pantry, clothing closet, and classes such as Citizenship, ESL and computer skills.

I hope that some of my gives might inspire something for you – a particular story or cause that resonates. Because that is when true giving happens – when we give from the heart.

As a last side note, you might be interested in reading the fun story I wrote for the Austin Chronicle, about the ups and downs of my Six Items or Less experiment!

Til next time,

2 Responses to “Back to Basics: School, Medical Care and Food”

  1. Shelley Bueche February 17, 2011 at 8:50 am #

    This is wonderful Shelley, I hope readers are inspired to give (I know I am!).


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