My Six – Locked and Loaded

10 Jan

Ta-da! Here it is, my final wardrobe of 6 items for the next month, beginning today, January 10.

Said wardrobe was finalized after much deliberation and a pile of clothing spread across my bed. I started with an idea of the breakdown of pieces I need – a pair of jeans and another pant, long and short sleeved shirt, jacket of some sort, and a skirt or dress.

I thought about going all pants and not having a skirt or dress – after all, it is winter. But we do have plenty of warm spells through our winter, and I love wearing skirts. Plus, I’m taking a 5-day press trip to Miami and St. Kitts at the end of the month – warm climates and a working trip which added considerably to my 6 Items or Less challenge!

I finally decided on selecting a dress that could also be worn as a top over jeans, giving it double duty. I actually have quite a few long tops that I wear as both shirts and dresses, and the versatility will be good for this experiment. Eventually I had it pared down to 10 items – in addition to this final six, I had a black top, a jersey sweater, another pair of pants, and a skirt. Getting it down from 10 to that 6 was tough. I also had to think about durability and what I might get the least sick of. So here are the final individual pieces:

Light ethnic-print wrap dress; can be worn as a top over jeans, and can also wear a top under it.

Thin, long-sleeved white shirt

Short-sleeved green top for a pop of color!

Lined brown/gray tweed jacket by Robert Rodriguez

Pair of olive/gray linen trousers

One pair of dark blue jeans

So, that’s my wardrobe for the month – a pair of jeans, a pair of linen trousers, a lightweight long-sleeved white shirt, a short-sleeved green shirt for a pop of color, a brown/gray tweed tailored jacket, and a dress that can also be worn as a top for versatility (plus, I couldn’t leave out some kind of ethnic piece – just wouldn’t be me!).

For those of you who see me regularly, you are going to become very familiar with these clothes. But I bet you don’t get as sick of them as I’m sure I will!

Until next time…

3 Responses to “My Six – Locked and Loaded”

  1. MaryAnn Reynolds January 10, 2011 at 5:02 pm #

    Good luck, Shelley! I’ll be looking forward to your next post.


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