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A Smile, Someone you Miss…and my next Challenge!

26 Oct beautiful student

The 30 Day Photo Challenge is winding down – I’m down to my last two photos. Something that always makes you smile, and someone you miss.

Stay tuned next week, when I start my next challenge – 30 Days of Learning! In the month of November, I will learn new things through a variety of classes and opportunities. Some of the things I have slated are Spanish language classes, hot glass blowing, new dance and exercise forms including barre and South Indian, and cooking classes to try some new things. Have any ideas for something I should learn? Feel free to share in the comments! Continue reading

The Importance of Family & My Biggest Fear

23 Oct Photo27
Day 26: “A picture of something that means a lot to you.”

My family. I am fortunate to have an extremely close, loving and supportive family. This photo was taken at Christmas 2008 – it doesn’t include the newest members of our family: Randy B, Peyton and Jude. But, this is one of the last family photos with all of us and my grandparents, E.F. and Shirley Smith, who are missed terribly by all of us. Continue reading

Favorite Book, Something I Wish I Could Change, and a Photo of my Day

19 Oct Photo25

This week’s photos have included a difficult choice (favorite book), an easy one (something I wish I could change), and yesterday’s subject was a picture from my day. It was a beautiful day here in Austin, Texas!

Day 23: “A picture of your favorite book.” Continue reading

There’s Always Room for Improvement

15 Oct Photo20

The past three days of photograph challenges spoke to me of improvement. First came travel; I am always adding to my travel bucket list, and the more places I go, the longer that list grows. I am constantly updating and improving my “Where in the World can I go Next?” list.

On the “something I wish I could forget” day, I happened across a stunning graphic that stopped me in my tracks. I certainly wish such distressing facts did not exist – there is much to improve on in women’s rights and empowerment around the world. And the last area for improvement is for something I wish I was better at; and oh, how I would love to improve my language skills!

Day 20 – A picture of somewhere you’d love to travel: Continue reading

Impact, Insecurity and a Special Letter

13 Oct P1040577
Day 17 – A picture of something that has
made a huge impact on your life recently:
Becoming a grandmother is definitely the thing that has made the hugest impact on my life this year. Fell in love immediately with this tiny, sweet, precious baby. Continue reading

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